It’s my favourite week of the year… IT’S HOUSING WEEK!

Colum & house

If you know much about me in my capacity of being a student officer, you’ll know that I’m a mega keeno when it comes to student housing. For me, housing is one of the biggest things that can affect a student’s experience at Univeristy; if you’re having a bad housing experience not only can it affect your studies but it can impact on your finances and mental/physical health which will in turn also adversely affect your ability to study.


This week we’re running our annual Housing Week, where Kent Union in partnership with the University and the Local  Council team up to bring you the very best support to assist you in your housing needs.

When it comes to housing; Colum Says Relax.
You may remember our campaign last term encouraging you not to panic and rush into signing up for houses. Now is the time for us to help you!

It’s around the time when people will be house-hunting to select their properties for the next academic year and this is a huge step for many. We’ll support you with this all year round but this week we’re putting a particular focus on it. We’ll be running session in the evening that give you a step-by-step on the house-hunting process; what to look for, what not to look for, what questions to ask and what your rights are. There will be a panel of experts ready to answer all your questions and a ton of resources you can collect to aid you in your search and move.

You can see what else we’ve got planned for the week here.

If you’re a first year moving off campus for the first time this week is particlarly benefitial. But if you’ve rented before (perhaps had a bad experience) then it’s just as useful. Even if you’ve already secured your house for next year you should still take advantage of everything happening this week to equip you with all should know as a tenant.

As I said at the beginning of this blog – housing is absolutely crucial to your student experience. Get it right and you’re on to a winner but encounter problems and you’ll be facing issues you don’t really want to bother with…!

Look forward to seeing you throughout the week and please get in touch if you need anything!

sabb pic 2012 3Colum McGuire
Vice-President (Welfare)
Kent Union

Email me (
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